Various ‘Graveyard Disposition’ Deathly Ditties and Graveyard Grooves- 1920’s -1950’s – DL079

079Various ‘Graveyard Disposition’ Deathly Ditties and Graveyard Grooves- 1920’s -1950’s – DL079

Released: 5th September 2011, Download Only

Death comes to us all in one way or another, so it comes as no surprise that many songs have been written with this in mind. Fending off death was a genuine preoccupation with so many of the poor US population in the first half of the Twentieth century. Whether it be down trodden and tragic Blues, Country music or goodtime ‘laughing in the face of death’ Rock ‘n’ Roll, the full gamut is expressed on this compilation ensuring that these songs will live forever !


  1. Rockin’ in the Graveyard – Jackie Morningstar 1959
  2. I’ll never get out of this World alive – Hank Williams 1952
  3. Message from James Dean – Bill Hayes 1956
  4. Graveyard Disposition– Gatemouth Moore 1956
  5. Rockin’ Bones – Ronnie Dawson 1959
  6. When I met Mother in Heaven – Lonesome Pine Fiddlers 1950
  7. Living myself to Death – Chuck Goddard 1959
  8. Root Hog or Die – Harlem Hamfats 1937
  9. I’d Rather die young – Johnny Cash 1958
  10. Death Ray Boogie – Pete Johnson 1941
  11. Graveyard Rock – Tarantula Ghoul 1958
  12. Gallows Pole (alternative version) – Leadbelly 1948
  13. Graveyard Boogie – Buster Doss 1948
  14. Lonely Tombs – Wade Mainer & the Sons of mountaineers circa late 1930’s
  15. Lavender Coffin – Joe Thomas 1949
  16. Fixin’ to Die Blues – Bukka White 1940
  17. Round & Round Hitlers Grave – The Almanac Singers 1942
  18. Ain’t no Grave Hold my Body down – Sister Rosetta Tharpe 1948
  19. She Stabbed me With an Ice Pick– Memphis Jug Band 1928
  20. Girl on Death Row- Duanne Eddy & the Rebels 1960
  • ‘If you ever had any doubt that Death rocks, simply succumb to ‘Graveyard Disposition’. An admirable collection from the vaults.’ Whisperinandhollerin, Sept 2011.