Various ‘American Guitar Tracks from the 1920’s – 1950’s’ CD/DL-051

051Various ‘American Guitar Tracks from the 1920’s – 1950’s’ CD/DL-051

Released: November 2008, CD – Download

There is surely no more versatile musical instrument than the guitar- It plays a prominent role in all world cultures and is the most commonly played instrument on the planet-popular and conveniently accessible for players and composers alike.
The guitar comes in a myriad of forms, styles, shapes and sizes –like the players themselves- that perfectly reflects the variety of music on offer here.From the off the futuristic Space Guitar of Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, for sees what Jimi Hendrix would be playing over a decade later-through to such virtuosos as Les Paul, Chet Aktins and Django Reinhardt, this unique & influential album, testifies the immeasurable ground that can be covered by just six strings and a fret board.The guitar will always play an essential role in forming and shaping popular music – the tracks featured on Hot Guitars illustrates the incredible time running up to the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll forming the bed rock of 21st Century music, the importance of which can never be underestimated.


1. Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson – Space Guitar 1954
2. Eddie Hill – The Hot Guitar 1951
3. Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith – Guitar Boogie 1949
4. Jimmy Murphy – That First Guitar of Mine 1952
5. Nick Lucas – Picking the guitar 1922
6. Bo Diddley – Spanish Guitar 1955
7. Tommy Sargent – Steel Guitar Boogie 1948
8. Adolph Hofner – I’ll Keep My Old Guitar 1938
9. Joe Maphis – Fire on the strings 1955
10. Roy Smeck’s Serenaders – Guitarese 1936
11. Tommy McClennan – I’m a Guitar King 1941
12. Chet Atkins – Guitar Blues 1946
13. Chuck Berry – Berry Pickin’ 1955
14. Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson – Playing with the strings 1929
15. Tiny Murphy + his bar 69 Boys – Hot Steel 1953
16. Django Reinhardt – Swing Guitars 1938
17. Leon McAuliffe – Twin Guitar Boogie 1947
18. Roland and Scott – guitar stomp Circa 1930
19. Les Paul – Guitar Boogie 1947
20. Al Casey – Guitar Man 1957
  • ‘Nothing less than wild and sometimes pure steel craziness’ MOJO- Dec 2008
  • ‘Another storming anthology, this time focusing on pre-rock ‘n’ roll exponents of guitar wizardry’ Andy Gill – The Idependent, Nov 2008