Various ‘Ain’t Nobody Here But us Chickens’ American Chicken Songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s – DL-058

058Various ‘Ain’t Nobody Here But us Chickens’ American Chicken Songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s – DL-058

Released: 12th Nov 2009, Download Only

Bizarre as it may seem, Chickens have been  frequently used  as a theme in the development of popular songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.  They would have been common place on the homesteads of the US – scratching the dirt and clucking away, whilst people sat on porches with their instruments. The tracks on this compilation refer to ‘Chicken’ as food especially in the 1920’s when poor people could go hungry,(chicken was a cheap staple food for meat and eggs) or as good old comical dance/instrumentals, as well  sexual metaphor. In whatever context, the chicken has come home to roost in this fun filled compilation.


1. Ain’t Nobody here but us Chickens – Louis Jordan 1946
2. Sixteen Chicks – Joe Clay 1956
3. Henpecked Daddy –  Ralph Johnson 1957
4. If you see my Rooster – Memphis Minnie 1936
5. Turkey Gobbler – Unknown 1928
6. Chicken Shack Boogie – Amos Milburn 1947
7. A Chicken can Waltz the Gravy around – Stovepipe No1 and David Crockett 1927
8. Chicken Blues – Billy Ward and The Dominoes 1951
9. Cacklin’ Hen – Blind Pete and Partner 1934
10. Grey Goose- Leadbelly and The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet 1940
11. Chicken you can roost behind the Moon – Frank Stokes circa late 1920’s
12. Who Broke the lock on the Henhouse Door – Deuce Spriggins 1947
13. Chicken Hearted Women – Clarence Samuels 1956
14. The Old Grey Goose –  Red Belcher and The Kentucky Ridgerunners 1948
15. Loose as a Goose – Cecil Gant 1946
16. Crazy Chicken –  James Gallagher 1956
17. Old Hen Cackle – Arthur McClain and Joe Evans 1931
18. Chicken inn the Basket – The Tri-cones 1957
19. Henny Penny Blues – Lightin’ Hopkins 1949
20. Chicken Bop – Truitt Forse 1956
  • ‘This charming collection succeeds both as a novelty and lighthearted trip through four decades of music. Without a doubt, it’s the best chicken – themed compilation you’ll hear.’ Mat Croft, Record Collector, Feb 2010
  • ‘As interesting an exerxise in marketing as it’s musical artefact: a collection of songs about chickens!’ Andrew Mueller, Uncut, March 2010
  • File under tasty.’ Fred Dellar, MOJO, Aug 2010.