Times is gittin’ hard Rare Blues from the Mississippi 1920s to 1940s – DL125

‘Times is gittin’ hard’  Rare Blues from the Mississippi 1920s to 1940s – DL125

Released: 27th March 2018 – Download

No one can deny that the Mississippi River has produced the single most important root source of modern popular music- from it’s source to the delta it has flowed with the Blues. The whole region is known for it’s rich soil and the many plantations where the black population toiled in extreme poverty, the music that was born of this environment could only be called ‘the Blues’. With the emergence of new recording technology in the late 1920’s, many upcoming record labels sent their talent scouts south on field trips to make recordings or invite these artists to travel to Northern cities to make ‘race records’ that illustrated forever the endurance and artistry of a subjugated people……Once again the Viper label has unearthed many rare hidden gems that speak as loudly today as back when they were recorded .


  1. Joe Mc Coy – When the Levee Breaks 1929
  2. Bill Wilber – Greyhound Blues 1935
  3. Freddie Spruell – Let’s go Riding 1935
  4. Joe Calicott – Fare Thee Well Blues 1930
  5. Walter Rhodes – The Crowing Rooster 1927
  6. Furry Lewis – Why don’t you come Home Blues 1927
  7. Arthur Petties – That won’t do 1930
  8. Otto Virgial – Little Girl in Rome 1935
  9. Mississippi Bracey – Stered Gal 1930
  10. Tom Dickson – Death Bell Blues 1928
  11. Blind Willie Reynolds – Third Street Women Blues 1930
  12. Bogus Ben Covington – Adam and Eve in the Garden 1928
  13. Robert Lockwood – Black Spider Blues 1941
  14. Jenny Pope – Mr Postman Blues 1930
  15. Walter Vineson – Can’t get a Word in edgeways 1941
  16. Kansas Joe – Meat Cutter Blues 1934
  17. Willie Harris – Never drive a Stranger from your Door 1930
  18. Robert Wilkins – Old Jim Canan’s 1935
  19. Poor Boy Lofton – Dirty Mistreater 1935
  20. Lucius Curtis – Times is gittin’ Hard 1940