THE STAIRS ‘The Great Lemonade Machine in the Sky’ 1987 -1994 CD/DL111

111THE STAIRS   ‘The Great Lemonade Machine in the Sky’ 1987 -1994 – CD/DL111

Released: 26th November 2015, CD & Download

The Stairs were truly one of the great-lost bands of the early Nineties, championed by Elvis Costello, Paul Weller and many other luminaries, they influenced (along with the La’s), a whole new generation of musicians  (including The Coral & The Zutons). They released little, apart from a few singles, one of these being the unforgettable cult classic:  ‘Weed Bus ‘- and their celebrated psyched up,  debut LP (Go!Discs) : ‘Mexican R’n’B’. (a triumph of the soul!)

The Viper Label proudly presents:  ‘The Great Lemonade Machine in the Sky’ A collection of previously unreleased recordings (all thought to be lost! but recently rediscovered in a relative’s attic-True!) A heady mixture of Psychedelia, Motown, Garage Rock ‘n’ Soul, R ‘n’ B that confirms their credentials- not just in the great cannon of Liverpool Bands but also as an essential part of British Underground Rock.

LIMITED EDITION VINYL SINGLE : A limited edition vinyl single ( 250 copies ) A side Shit town B side Fall down the Rain & I won’t be back again will be released by Eighties Vinyl Records on the 26th of november as well.


1. Fall down the Rain
2. Moonchild
3. Woman Gone and Say Goodbye
4. Flying Machine
5. Little Red Book ( live at the Cavern )
6. Fall Down The Rain ( alternative version )
7. No Escape
8. Dazeing ( practise room )
9. Weed Bus ( Original demo )
10. I Remember a Day
11. Me You Know I , Do You Know What You?
12. Sympathy for a Happy Day ( excerpt )
13. Do Dah Do Dah
14. Snake Baker
15. Custard Flys
16. Just a Little Sunshine
17. Shit Town
18. Good Lovin’
19. I’m Bored
20. I Saw Her Today
21. Do It To It
 ‘ Many moments of merriment here.’  Shindig Dec 2015.

‘ Fans will thrill to hear these recordings.’ Mojo Dec 2015.