The La's 'Lost La's 1984-1986 Breakloose' CD-002

The La’s Lost La’s 1984-1986 Breakloose CD/LP-002

Released: Out Of Print

The story of the La’s begins in 1984, when the name reveals itself to Mike Badger in a dream. A chance meeting with Lee Mavers seeled its fate and over the next two years they co-wrote material, which now appears here for the first time. Lifted, from in most cases, the only remaining copies that exist, recorded on Portastudios 4-track machines and in some instances straight onto cassette decks. This material marks a unique and wonderfully creative time in the bands history. By the end of 1986 Mike and Lee went their separate ways. Mike continuing to write and release music along side exhibiting his artwork. Lee steering the La’s onto establish them as one of the most influencial bands of recent times.


1. Breakloose ( live)
2. Open Your Heart
3. Sweet 35
4. Trees and Plants
5. Red Deer Stalk
6. Dovecot Dub
7. Night Walk
8. Get Down Over
9. What Do You Do?
10. I Did the Painting
11. My Girl Sits Like A Reindeer
12. Money In You Talk
13. You Blue
14. Moonlight

  • ‘Lost la’s 1984-1986 Breakloose'”‘Open Your Heart’: An Ebulliant and uplifting Ode to communal togetherness, combining blissful harmonies and a terse infectious backbeat – one of several unreleased gems’ Gavin Martin – Uncut Oct 1999
  • ‘Their dead pan blues and rock ‘n’ roll is slightly surreal and exquisitely cool’ Penny Kiley – Melody Maker June 1986
  • ‘Proof that the originality for which they were subsequently praised was part of their arsenal from the very beginning’ Jo- Ann Greene – Goldmine (U.S.A) Sept 2001