The La’s ‘Live & Dangerous’ Upstairs at the Picket 5/6/1987 – Viper 137

Released: 16th of March 2020 – DOWNLOAD

The La’s ‘Live & Dangerous’ Upstairs at The Picket, is one of the most remembered and revered gigs of 1980’s Liverpool. Just months before signing their major recording contract,The La’s had already made their mark and had a devout following who sensed something big was about to happen! A perfect time to commit a live set to tape- we hear a band on top form, brimming with attitude, songs and colour. Add to this mix the first ever performance and recording of their most loved hit ‘There She Goes’ and you can’t really go wrong. Pure magic in the making!


1. Son of a Gun
2. Freedom Song
3. Clean Prophet
4. Come in Come out
5. Way Out
6. IOU
7. Timeless Melody
8. I Can’t Sleep
9. Doledrum
10. Liberty Ship
11. Callin’ All
12. Failure
13. There She Goes
14. Looking Glass
15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
16. Failure