The La’s ‘De Freitas Session 87′ – DL-061

061The La’s ‘De Freitas Session 87′ – DL-061

Released: 5th April 2010, Download Only

In the early part of 1987, The La’s were attracting a large local following and one of those + who wanted to help the band was Pete De Freitas, the charismatic drummer from Echo & the Bunnymen. Produced by Pete and Jake Brockman (keyboardist in the Bunnymen) using borrowed equipment, this session was recorded over a period of 2 days in and was an important stage in the band’s career. All recorded ‘live’ without any overdubs, these Post Punk, Phil Spector sounding recordings are versions of songs that appeared on their debut album some years later.


  1. Way Out
  2. Doledrum
  3. IOU
  4. Failure
  5. Timeless Melody
  6. Callin’ All
  7. Clean Prophet
  8. Son of a gun
  9. I can’t sleep
  10. Liberty Ship
  11. Freedom Song
  • ‘ An important addition to The La’s small, but timeless vibrant body of work.’ Tim Peacock,, Jan 2010.