The La’s Breakloose – Viper LP/DL140

Released: 1st Oct 2020 – LIMITED VINYL & DOWNLOAD

The mythology that has grown around The La’s has made them one of the most enigmatic bands of the last few decades. The story began in a hard hit
Liverpool in 1984, when Mike Badger teamed up with local lad Lee Mavers to write and sing their way out of the rut the city was in.
Over the next two years they co-wrote material inspired by their love of ‘roots’ music such as: Bo Diddley, Raw 1950s Rockabilly, Captain Beefheart and the punk bands they had both seen in local club Eric’s a few years before. Early reviews called them ‘Surreal Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (Melody Maker) or ‘Tom Waits could have dreamt up The La’s ‘Sweet 35’ (NME) These earliest La’s recordings that now appear here on limited edition vinyl are raw & spirited, defining a unique, creative time in the band’s history and firmly point the way to future success. ‘Had The La’s been able to accommodate Badger and Mavers could world domination have been far away?’  MOJO


Side 1

1. Breakloose
2. My Girl Sits Like A Reindeer
3. Sweet 35
4. Open Your Heart
5. Trees and Plants
6. Red Deer Stalk
7. Painting

Side 2

1. Get Down Over
2. What Do You Do?
3. Money in Your Talk
4. Space Rocketry
5. Dovecot Dub
6. You Blue
7. Moonlight