The Floatation Project ’Made out of Worldly Shapes’ – DL073

073The Floatation Project ’Made out of Worldly Shapes’ – DL073

Released: 16th May 2011, Download Only

‘Made out of Worldly Shapes’ is the third solo album by Paul Hemmings, (the one-time guitarist with the legendary La’s and Lightning Seeds). It’s an album which reaffirms Paul’s love of the guitar and one which endeavours to experiment, pushing the envelope ever further and wider in terms of the playing and the sounds created.
This electric and eclectic, leftfield album is filled with original, subtle and frantic guitar excursions that weave a tapestry between fragile beauty, darkness and intensity.


  1. Bent Out of Shape
  2. Whirl Wind
  3. Feinheit 105
  4. Blue
  5. City of Angels
  6. Butterflies
  7. Eruption
  8. Japanese Garden
  9. Slow Dive
  10. Go to Sleep
  • ‘ A Leftfield treat. It strikes a fine balance between beauty and darkness. ‘ Tim Peacock, Whisperinandhollerin, May 2011