The Edgar Jones Free Peace Thing ‘Stormy Weather’ – CD/DL078

078The Edgar Jones Free Peace Thing ‘Stormy Weather’ – CD/DL078

Released: 18th September 2011, CD & Download

What you have presently in your hands is one of the most incendiary debut albums you are likely to hear from a band on fire. Formed by Liverpool’s own music legend Edgar Jones (The Stairs + his solo album ‘Soothing music for Stray Cats’ was nominated for the Mercury music prize) on bass + vocal duties, Free Peace’s line-up is completed with Nick Miniski on drums + Stuart Gimblett on Guitar. Their sound is loud and heavy with a touch of soul. Since touring with Oasis, they have been working on their album making sure it is just right. Edgar in his time has worked with the best – Paul Weller, Johnny Marr and Lee Mavers amongst others.
Shake it loose!


  1. Shake it Loose
  2. No Reverse Gear Blues
  3. Stormy Weather
  4. Statistical Knightmare
  5. I don’t need your Roses
  6. Big Fanny
  7. Good Luvin’
  8. Hot Potatoes
  9. Warm Salad
  10. Bones
  • ‘A living legend – Edgar has spent over two decades making stunningly out-there records. A classic big rock trio, kickin’out the jams.’ Whisperinandhollerin, Sept 2011.
  • ‘The blues got hairy – speakers turned up full.’ Ian Harrison, MOJO, Dec 2011.