‘Preachin’ with Guitars’ The Best of the Guitar Evangelists 1927- 1951 – Viper DL155

17th of April 2023  – DOWNLOAD

Guitar Evangelists were popular in Black churches all over Twentieth Century America, playing a mixture of Spirituals and Gospel – lyrics inspired from the ‘good book’ with blues infused acoustic and electric guitar. They provided a comforting hand for poverty-stricken folks living in the Southern states of America and beyond. The job they had to do was keeping people on the straight and narrow, leading them from the temptations the Devil had to offer which included Drink and an ungodly life. Sister Rosetta Tharpe, was probably the first great recording star of this music genre -without her (and the other Preachers featured on this album) there wouldn’t have been Rock ’n’ Roll as we came to know it. Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Elvis (the list is endless) were all carried off on the wave of spiritual enlightenment that took the roofies off those little wooden chapels!

…..Praise be and Lord have Mercy!


1. Sister Rosette Tharpe – Jesus is Here to Stay 1946
2. Rev. Edward W. Clayborn – In the Time of Trouble Jesus will never say Goodbye 1928
3. Rev. Utah Smith – I Want Two Wings 1944
4. Lonnie Mcintorsh – Sleep on Mother Sleep on 1928
5. Blind Willie Johnson – Jesus is Coming Soon 1928
6. Sister Elizabeth Phillips – A Little Old-Fashioned unknown
7. Rev I.B Ware & Wife & Son – I Wouldn’t Mind Dying ( But I Gotta Go by Myself ) 1928
8. Sister Matthews – Stand by Me 1948
9. Blind Willie Harris – Does Jesus Care ? 1929
10. Blind Willie Johnson – Can’t Nobody Hide from God 1930
11. Rev .Edward W Clayborn – Jesus will Make it Alright 1927
12. Blind Willie Johnson – Let Your Light Shine On Me 1929
13. Rev. Utah Smith -God’s Mighty Hand 1944
14. Willie Mae Williams – Don’t Want to Go There 1950
15. Blind Benny Paris – I’m Gonna Live so God Can use Me 192816) Rev. Charles White – How Long 1948
16. Mother McCollum – I Want to See Him 1930
17. Brother Willie Eason – I Want to Live ( So that God can use Me ) 1951
18. Dennis Crumpton & Robert Summers – Everybody Ought to Pray Some time 1936
19. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – God’s Mighty Hand 1946