Mike Badger Volume CD/DL-001Mike Badger Volume CD/DL-001

Released: January 1999, CD-Download

This acoustic album features guest vocals from Tommy Scott (Space). Piano and organ from Henry Priestman (The Christians) and was produced by Paul Hemmings.
This simple understated album was a project that gave Mike a chance to make a personal statement. He says “I had a collection of songs in the same vein, reflective and plaintive and I liked the idea of an acoustic album that hopefully won’t date”.


1. Where Love is
2. Silhouette
3. Rhapsody
4. James Earl Ray
5. Silent Secrets
6. Piano Sativa
7. Poverty of The Heart
8. Reach for The Stars
9. Perpetual Emotion
10. Turn to Her
11. When We’re Alone
12. Twilight in D

  • ‘At least half of the 12 tracks have classic potential’ Paul Du Noyer, Mojo, Feb 1999
  • ‘A quiet beautiful album made in the spirit of Astral Weeks, which grows with every listen’ John Bennett, The Journal, Feb 1999
  • ‘Badger stakes out classic singer – songwriter territory’ Caroline Sullivan – The Guardian, Jan 1999
  • ‘Volume is a gem. Delicate, beautiful, dizzying and dreamlike. Packed with gorgeously fragile songs coloured with purity and subtlety’ Ian Salmon – Bigmouth, Feb 1999