Edgar Summertyme ‘Sense of Harmony’ – CD/DL087

087Edgar Summertyme ‘Sense of Harmony’ – CD/DL087

Released: 16th August 2012, Download & CD

Edgar Summertyme- aka Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones, former front man of The Stairs and Mercury music prize nominee, returns with a spectacular, colourful and honest album, that yet again redefines this enigmatic Liverpool legend. After a period of darkness, he has re-emerged with a new Sense of Harmony. The music he has produced on this new album defies category yet obviously comes from the depth of his soul and shines brightly. Soak it all up and wonder how the hell he does it! Truly mind blowing.


  1. Sense of Harmony Part 1
  2. On and On
  3. What’s a Boy to do
  4. Bye & By
  5. Sunday Afternoon
  6. It Can Only be You
  7. I Would Do Anything
  8. What are We Gonna Do?
  9. Beep Beep
  10. Wishing Well
  11. Look no Words
  12. Standing on the Verge of Getting By
  13. Empty Promises
  14. Sense of Harmony Part 2
  • ‘ A beautiful yet triumphant album that sees Edgar find a new voice for his undoubted talents. ‘ Jamie Bowman, Bito Lito, Aug 2012.
  • ‘A singular talent.’ Lois Wilson, MOJO, Oct 2012.
  • ‘ Another heroic masterpiece from rock’s lost golden boy. ‘ Matt Wilkinson, NME, Sept 2012.
  • ‘Nothing short of beautiful.’ Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills, Shindig, Aug 2012.
  • ‘Brilliant.’ Tim Peacock, Record Collector, Oct 2012.