Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones ‘Soothing Music for Stray Cats’ – CD/DL086 – (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)

086Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones ‘Soothing Music for Stray Cats’ – CD/DL086 – (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)

Released: 6th August 2012, Download & CD

Originally released in 2005, Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones’s first solo album has received much critical acclaim including the Number One slot in the recent NME feature: ‘ 100 Greatest Albums You’ve Never Heard’ (Feb 2012). This is truly a great and unique album that defies boundaries. (Maybe it can be summed up as a witches brew of Jazz, R ‘n’ B, Soul and Doo Wop all mixed up with Edgar’s own special ingredient ).

Edgar started his musical path as the singer-songwriter/front man of Liverpool band The Stairs, celebrated by the likes of Elvis Costello and signing a record deal with Go! Discs. Their debut single ‘Weed Bus’ and the following album ‘Mexican R ‘n’ B’, went on to become classics of their time. Edgar Jones has since achieved somewhat legendary status as a Liverpool based artist who has played with the great and the good: he has worked with Paul Weller, Johnny Marr (who supplied the studio this album was recorded on), St Etienne and the lost La, Lee Mavers (‘a form of National Service ‘ to quote Edgar). This re-release is long overdue and contains many bonus tracks.


    1. Soothing Music for Stray Cats
    2. Do Doh Dontcha Doh
    3. What’s Goin’ Down Huny Brown
    4. Hangin’ with Wolf and Bear
    5. Freedom
    6. Sittin’ on the Fence
    7. More Than You’ve Ever Had
    8. Stubborn Mule Blues
    9. You Know You Can Do It
    10. Catnip
    11. Tenderly
    12. Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone
    13. It’s No Good
    14. Oh Man That’s Some Shit
    15. Did You Ever Wake Up in The Morning


    1. Careful What You Wish For
    2. Another Side of Huny Brown
    3. Baby if You Wannit
    4. Gonna Miss You When You’ve Gone (Live 13/10/2007)
    5. Do Doh Dontcha Doh (Live 13/10/2007)
    6. More Than you’ve Ever Had (Live 13/10/2007)
    7. You Want Me to Want You Back (Live 13//10/2007)
    8. Don’t Break My Heart (Radio Session 24/02/2008)
    9. Hey Joesph (Radio Session 24/02/2008)
  • ‘It bent my head man. It’s one of the best records I have ever heard.’ Noel Gallagher.
  • ‘A stunning collection of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jazz, R ‘n’ B + Doo Wop.’ MOJO.
  • ‘Scouse scenesters winning Blues/Jazz soup – It’s the sound of a man, who is, in every sense doing his own thing.’ Q Recommended.
  • ‘Liverpool’s answer to Dr John. Should have walked away with last year’s Mercury Music Prize.’ Uncut.
  • ‘It sounds like Jones is having the time of his life.’ Kris Needs, Shindig, Aug 2012.
  • ‘Mesmerising, pigeonhole-defying, gumbo of beatnik jazz, R & B, doo- wop and out-there Scouse soul – Remarkable.’ Tim Peacock, Record Collector, Oct 2012.