‘Come Rain, Come Shine’ Songs about the Weather 1920’s -1950’s – DL077

077‘Come Rain, Come Shine’ Songs about the Weather 1920’s -1950’s – DL077

Released: 15th August 2011, Download Only

The weather affects us all, rich or poor and has been used in a thousand songs to express those feelings that just can’t be expressed in any other way! This album provides a selection of these treasures and illustrates how emotionally interlinked we are with our environment. Be it Buddy Holly’s Beautiful Raining in My Heart or Gene Autry’s Western version of the standard You Are My Sunshine- there’s something here for everyone …………whatever the weather.


  1. Raining in my Heart – Buddy Holly 1959
  2. You are my Sunshine – Jerry Lee Lewis 1957
  3. Didn’t it Rain – Sister Rosetta Tharpe 1947
  4. The Sun is Shining – Elmore James 1960
  5. Let it Rain, let it Rain – Lee Jones 1956
  6. Let the good times roll (Don’t let the Sun catch you cryin’) – Louis Jordan 1946
  7. When it rains, it pours – Billy ‘the Kid’ Emerson 1955
  8. That’s the good old sunny South – Emmett Miller 1929
  9. Rainin’ on the Mountain – Wes Tuttle 1945
  10. Blue Skies – Les Paul 1946
  11. Stormy Weather – The Five Sharps 1952
  12. The Sun is shining – Jimmy Reed 1957
  13. When it rains, it pours – Faron Young 1958
  14. You are my Sunshine– Gene Autry 1939
  15. I get the Blues when it Rains – Riley Puckett 1939
  16. Sun Showers – Billie Holiday 1937
  17. Along in the Sun and the Rain – Woody Guthrie 1944
  18. (They call it) Stormy Monday – T-Bone Walker 1947
  19. When the Sun goes down ‘live’ – Big Bill Broonzy 1955
  20. Over the Rainbow- Gene Vincent 1955