Chris Elliot ‘Fierce Truth and Fortune’ CD/DL-040

040Chris Elliot ‘Fierce Truth and Fortune’ CD/DL-040

Released: April 2007, CD-Download

Fierce Truth & Fortune’ is the debut album from Chris Elliot, a young singer/songwriter from Liverpool who delivers a spell binding collection of raw, intelligent, honest & self penned songs .Combining Country, Blues, Folk and Rockabilly influences with his own literate and poetic lyrics, Chris has created a stunning debut album, with the aid of producer Paul Hemmings (formerly ofThe La’s and the Lightning Seeds.)
These are timeless and passionate songs about love, life, wry observations and wasted opportunities, showing him to be worldly wise beyond his young years. Just as adept at creating beautiful ballads as bittersweet Bluesy Rockers. This is a classic singer/songwriter that touches the soul (or heart) as well as the mind.


1. A Million Reasons
2. Lay it Low
3. Out For The Sea
4. Butterfly
5. Love Don’t Mean a Thing
6. Raise The Dead
7. Let it Roll
8. Not Even There
9. Handsome Man
10. Hurt, Cheat and Lie
11. Interlude
12. Scarlet Lace
13. Can’t See The Light
14. Oh Love, Lord Above
15. Nailed To The Floor
16. All I See

  • ‘Not only does he seem blue enough for his age but takes it way down to the delta as well’ Goran Obradovic, www. 2007
  • ‘A decent debut, Chris can sing and play very well indeed- this is a promising start’ Americana-UK, March 2007
  • ‘A young , Liverpudlian singer/songwriter with a big ‘n’ tremendous voice, a nice line in passionate, redemptive songs about love, loss and longing.A staggering nonchalant ability to juggle blues, folk, country and rockabilly and re-invent them all in his own, soul bearing image- commpasion, intelligence, fire and skill. Chris Elliot has all in spades’ Tim Peacock Whisperin’and Hollerin’ April 2007