Captain Beefheart Railroadism Live in the USA 72-81 CD/DL-015

015Captain Beefheart Railroadism Live in the USA 72-81 CD/DL-015

Released: May 2003, CD-Download

After the release of ‘Magnetic Hands’ – Captain Beefheart & his Magic Bands ‘Live in the USA 72-81′ (Released June 2002 – see enclosed Press Quotes page), it became apparent that to complete the whole live experience The Viper Label had to look across the Atlantic, to America-the Captain’s home, where he and his various Magic Bands toured extensively. This album shows what a magnificent, powerful and remarkable voice the captain had and what a truly formidable force the’magic’ band were.
This is another historic document and features such rarities as the captain performing ‘The Blimp’ from ‘Trout Mask Replica’ which leads him into playing a sax solo equal to the free jazz experimention of Ornette Coleman or John Coltrane, ‘Harry Irene’ with the best whistling outro ever and the lost gem, ‘Railroadism’- a distant cousin of the lost track ‘Hoboism’ + many more. This will not only be of importance to Beefheart freaks but to the world as a whole. Also features previously unpublished photos and indepth liner notes.


1. Old black Snake (Fenway Theatre, Boston , 22/1/72)
2. King Bee (Town Hall, NYC, 24/2/73)
3. The Blimp/Air Bass-Soft Shoe(Sax Improv)
4. I’m Gonna Booglarise You, Baby (The Roxy, L.A, 14/7/75)
5. A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
6. China Pig/Railroadism
7. Love You, You big Dummy (Spoken) (Red Creek Inn, Rochester, NY 3/11/77)
8. Grow Fins (Bottom Line- Early Show, NY, 25/11/77)
9. Floppy Boot Stomp (Bottom Line-Late Show, NY, 25/11/77)
10. Harry Irene
11.The Dust Blows Forward ‘N’ The Dust Blows Back (Texas Opry House, Houston, 1/12/78)
12. Ashtray Heart
13. Dirty Blue Gene
14. Smithsonian Institute Blues
15. One Red Rose That I Mean
16. Veteran’s Day Poppy
17. Big Eyed Beans From Venus(The Country Club, Reseda, CA 29/1/81)
18. Avalon Blues (Avalon Ballroom, SF 1966)

  • ‘Dispelling once and for all the myth that Van Vliet was appreciated less in his native land than elsewhere. Excellent trawl + plenty of high points’ Uncut , June 2003
  • ‘Empowering blues stomp + growling energy’ Q Magazine, June 2003
  • ‘Intriguing and thrilling’ Mojo, June 2003