Arthur Lee 'Arthur Lee Live in Liverpool 1992' CD/LP -003

Arthur Lee Live in Liverpool 1992 CD/LP/DL -003

Released: June 2000, CD, LP and Download

This CD contains the highlights of a concert in 1992 by the legendary Arthur Lee of ‘Love’ with the Liverpool based ‘Shack’ as his backing band (included at this time in the band,was future Lightning Seeds bass guitarist Martyn Campbell).’Live and raw’,Arthur Lee and Shack manage to capture the spirit of a Love performance in the 60’s.The classic Love tracks performed include:Signed.D.C,Alone again or and And more again.The cover is an original photo of Arthur Lee at this concert and these rare recordings were taken from the only remaining sources.This is a historic document. Also included is an interview with Arthur Lee conducted at the time,but never heard till now and a recent letter by Arthur describing his memories of the concert.” The show in Liverpool is still the most memorable of my life ” Arthur Lee,May 2000.


1. Alone again or
2. Daily Planet
3. Signed D.C
4. And More Again
5. A House is not a Motel
6. Somebody’s Watching You
7. Hey Joe
8. Passing By
9. My Little Red Book
10. Orange Skies
11. Everybody’s Gotta Live
12. Interview – May 1992

  • ‘The spirt of the man shines through-The most memorable gig of his life’ Nigel Williamson, Uncut, July 2000
  • ‘With the setlist biased towards the first album and ‘Forever Changes’,Shack prove to be an accurate enough ‘Love’.Arthur bashful and gracious throughout’ David Cavanagh, Mojo, Aug,2000
  • ‘Arthur told me we played ‘Your mind and we belong together’ better than Love-Thats amazing’Ross Fortune, Time Out, June 2000
  • ‘A mighty, moving document of a magical, electric night. Buy this. The gigs were awesome and this CD captures the Liverpool show. A set that all but doubles as his greatest hits, excellent liner notes and a bonus interview from the week of the show, complete a package that is as valuable, in its own way as any bonus track stacked remaster of the classic ‘Love’ catalogue’ Jo-ann Greene, Goldmine(USA), Oct 2001